How to Use Social Media For Marketing Creatively part 2

How to Use Social Media For Marketing Creatively part 2


Interview Customers

Interviews make for great online content. You can create a short video or text interview with some of your customers and share it on social to get even more people involved.

Celebrate Odd Holidays

Holiday promotions are commonplace on social media. But you don’t have to wait for the major ones. Even weird holidays like “talk like a pirate day” can make for interesting content.

Compile a List of Industry Updates

Each week or month, put together a list of updates that are relevant to your followers or your industry and tag related accounts.

Host a Regular Hangout

Google+, Periscope, Facebook and other social platforms allow you broadcast live. So you can announce a weekly or monthly hangout with your audience. Keep a set schedule so people know when you’ll be broadcasting.

Post Sneak Peeks

You can also post some sneak peeks of new products or offerings where you only give a partial view to followers. Then you can even ask customers to guess what they think will be released in order to get them more involved.

Support a Charity or Cause

Customers love a socially conscious business. So you can use social media to spread the word about important causes or share information about different charity organizations.

Live Tweet Events

When you attend events for your business, or even if there’s a televised event that has something to do with your industry, you can tweet or post throughout the whole thing to get followers involved.

Repost Instagram Photos from a Dedicated Hashtag

On Instagram, you can start a dedicated hashtag for your customers or followers to use for images related to your company or industry. Then you can browse through those tags and find images to repost to your own account — with permission, of course!

Have Influencers Take Over Your Account

Influencers are often other social media users that have significant followings and influence in a particular niche or industry. So if you can find influencers that fit with your business, you can have them take over your account for a day to get some fresh content and increase your reach.

Co-host a Twitter Chat

You might also connect with those influencers to host chats on Twitter. Twitter chats have long been considered one of the best ways to increase engagament on the platform. But by working with other influencers in your industry, you can increase your reach even more.

Share Comic Strips

Images are popular on social media. And images that tell stories can be particularly effective. So you can share or even create your own comic strips to share on social media.

Ask Customers for Predictions

There are plenty of ways for businesses to get customers engaged in conversations on social media. But asking for predictions about the future of your industry or other relevant topics can be a particularly good way to get those conversations started.

Play “This or That”

You can also ask questions of your audience. If you give them just a couple of choices, it makes it easy for people to respond and might even spur some friendly debate.

Share Book or Movie Recommendations

It can also be beneficial to post things on social media that don’t relate directly to your business from time to time. Things like books and movies are topics that interest the majority of consumers on some level. So you might consider sharing thoughts or recommendations on things that you think might interest your social media followers.

Have Birthday Sales

Everyone loves birthdays. So you might use social media as a way to really make a big deal about your company’s birthday or even the birthdays of your team members.

Post Staff Recommendations

To go even further, you can have your team members pick some of their favorite products or pieces of content to share on social media. You can offer discounts on those items on each team member’s birthday or just round up some employee favorites in a few social media posts.

Share Playlists

Music streaming services like Spotify allow you to create online playlists that you can easily share with others on social media. So it could be fun to create playlists for specific occasions or situations and share them with your followers.

Post Time Lapse Videos

Videos are great for telling stories online. But if you want to really show some change over time, you might consider doing a time lapse video rather than a traditional one. You can post quick time lapses on platforms like Instagram or even more advanced ones on YouTube.

Host Weekly Challenges for Followers

Challenges and contests can be really beneficial for building engagement online. You can start a simple challenge like a photography contest or scavenger hunt and repeat it each week to really get customers involved.

Create Joke Products

To inject some humor into your social media content, you might consider creating some joke products, or at least visual depictions of those joke products, that are similar to your offerings, but with a ridiculous twist.

Have a Sale Directly on Social Media

Want to increase sales on social media really quickly? You can have a quick sale of clearance products directly on platforms like Instagram, rather than trying to get people to visit your website or physical location.

Use Instagram Direct Messaging to Send Exclusive Promotions

Also on Instagram, you have the opportunity to reach out to customers directly through the direct messaging feature. So you can send exclusive offers to your best customers or followers. Just don’t abuse the feature and send out mass messages all the time with this feature.

Put the Spotlight on Partners

The focus doesn’t always have to be on your business when it comes to social media. You can also highlight some other businesses you’ve partnered with to nurture that relationship and potentially increase your social reach through those connections.

Ask for Content Requests

And finally, you should always keep your followers’ input in mind when creating content for social media. You might even occasionally ask people if they have any requests, just to be sure you’re keeping your content fresh and interesting.

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